Moving Gears Clock 80cm

No vault can keep time from slipping by, no matter how deep, how thick it's walls or how intricate and complex it's mechanisms, for time is eternal and everywhere. All of the time.. then, and now, and to be.

This impressive wall clock attempts to capture time in all it's unforgiving mechanical glory. The cogs inside move and turn... to remind you that time is a machine that stops for none.

The perfect statement piece for a workshop, office, secret lair, man-cave... or just a damn cool room

Clock is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included with clock) - 2 batteries for gears to start spinning, 1 battery for clock hands to move to tell time.

Details and Features

  • Dimensions: Diameter 70 cm x Height 70 cm x Depth 7 cm
  • Ready to hang
  • Quiet Sweep movement (No ticking sound)
  • Battery Operated (not included)

Packaging: Secure packaging /shock proof

Color: Graphite & Gold Numerics

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