Glasgow Roman Numeral Mirror Wall Clock, 50cm


This Wall Mirror will give Uttermost  modern magnificence in any room of your home.

  • Made from quality glass for a clean reflection that gives the illusion of more space in your home
  • A Clock integration to make it practical look.
  • Stepped bevelled borders with a generous 3cm bevel at the centre mirror give a modern framing effect
  • Simple round shape can be hung easily in your home.
  • Perfect for display in your entrance way, living area, or dining room
  • Neutral colour matches with a range of tones and styles in your interior
  • NOTE: This quality mirror weighs 4kg.Comes with Metal rope for hanging.


Color: Brown 

Size: L50 x W50 cm (Silver, Champaign) 

Material: Glass , Rare Wood Panel , Metal

Packaging:  Securing packaging /shock proof

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery : Australia Wide

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